Dri-Fit Short Sleeve Tee(TTP丨100+ Bulk Order)


  • Moisture-wicking
  • Abdomen-shaping
  • Comfortable and highly elastic
  • Cooling ion technology for an extra frost-like chill
  • The fabric uses lotus-leaf funnel air permeability function and nano-dyeing process for better stable coloring, plus cooling ion technology for maximum freshness
  • Rejects stuffiness
  • Saying goodbye to sweat stains
  • Stays away from unpleasant odors
  • Soft and comfortable, fresh and skin-friendly
  • Silky and wrinkle resistant
  • Environmentally friendly dyeing
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Introducing the ultimate customizable dri-fit short sleeve tee, crafted with ease of design, comfort, and affordability in mind, featuring a cutting-edge AI-powered design tool to empower you to create your unique masterpiece effortlessly. With brilliant printing and a vast color selection on both the front and back, let your creativity soar and redefine style with our personalized AI-powered dri-fit short sleeve tee!

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